IdentityIQ – Provisioning and its Importance

In today’s world every system can prone to cyber-attacks. The main way to protect them is controlling and granting access based on user’s job functions. The effective way to controlling access is provisioning. By automate the process of provisioning may prevent from risk of manual errors. The primary objective of […]

IdentityNow for Provisioning

Provisioning Overview: Provisioning is a component of Identity Governance & Administration. It enables organizations to automate the process of granting and revoking access to applications, systems, and data based on specific rules and policies. The purpose of Provisioning is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the access management process, […]

IdentityNow Password Management

Password Management Password management helps an organisation to have consistent and strong password policies. IdentityNow Password Management simplifies password administration and updates across your IdentityNow account sources and applications. Password management is only available for direct sources. Password change flow When a user requests a password reset, it goes to […]

IdentityNow – Certifications

Certification helps to review the access that are assigned to users to your enterprise systems and data. The designated people (approvers) can review, approve and revoke or reassign the certification that are assigned or requested. Certification can be created in two ways -using Search Query and Certification campaign. Search-based certification […]

Entitlements and Access Profiles in IdentityNow

Entitlements Entitlements are the access rights to the applications and type of access or permission a user has when login to an application. Which means that when you login into the particular application you need an authentication to allow you into the application and authorization to enable access to certain […]

iRarity LLC Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

Raleigh/Durham, N.C., — iRarity LLC., a leading Identity, and Access Management solutions provider, today announced it has relocated its Corporate Headquarters from Dover, DE, to Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, to support the company’s growing customers in North Carolina. RTP is a great place to attract talent […]

Roles in Sailpoint IdentityIQ

When a new employee gets hired in your organization, you have to provide specific access to them corresponding to their position within your company. It will be manageable when we have to provide a limited number of access to the end application. But when the number of access exceeds, it […]

Sustaining internal controls and risks of business using Separation of Duties(SoD)

Separation of duties (SoD) is a vital role in internal controls. This goal is accomplished by distributing  the responsibilities and related rights for a certain security process to a wide range of individuals. In financial accounting systems, the concept of SoD is already well-known. Companies of all sizes realize that functions like […]

Securing unstructured files in enterprise using File Access Manager

Introduction In the digital world, data is the most important thing. Everyone is trying to protect their sensitive information from everywhere. If we take an enterprise they have more responsibilities to protect their data in terms of compliance and other regulations. Nowadays, All Enterprises are implementing an Identity Governance solution […]

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