Entitlements and Access Profiles in IdentityNow


Entitlements are the access rights to the applications and type of access or permission a user has when login to an application. Which means that when you login into the particular application you need an authentication to allow you into the application and authorization to enable access to certain sections of the application.

There is a key difference between Authentication and Authorization in accessibility to any application.

Authentication- Verifying “Who you are”

Authorization- The act of identifying if someone can perform the action they are requesting and determines their access service.

They’re a key part of identity governance, and they feed into almost everything you do in IdentityNow.

AccessProfiles contains set of Entitlements from the same source. Multiple entitlements from a single source can be bundled into one or more access profiles. Access profiles are often IT-focused, meaning they relate to the provisioning of access as a unit.

Roles contains access profile from one or more sources.

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