Grow the core. We partner with you.

At iRarity, we have come together to build products and services which are very niche in nature. We build products and services with our 20+ years of experience in wide areas ranging Identity, Access, Governance, Compliance, Cloud and mobile technologies.

During our time, we have innovated constantly to remain the “Go To” team addressing all the customer needs from problem and solution perspective. We are multicultural group which has experience in working with global markets and working with enterprise companies from different geographies. We focus on the Center of Excellence (CoE) in service offering to our customers. Our niche areas are specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM), Single Sign On (SSO), Identity as a Service (IdaaS), and video streaming related domains.

Headquartered in North Carolina, operates in multiple states and countries. We offer a wide array of solutions cutting across verticals, covering every aspect of your business. Microsoft Vendor on Staffing and Workplace solutions. Genpact Vendor for Identity and Access Management. AWS, Adobe and SailPoint Partner. Currently based out of US to bring current trends, having presence in India (Chennai and Coimbatore) to leverage the best minds globally.

We are very different because our mission is to grow your core by partnering with you.

Our Culture

A diverse workforce of dynamic talents where there’s a seamless blend of young minds with season professionals. It’s a place where you suit up when needed and let your hair down when not.

Our Approach

We value our customers and place emphasis on getting know them on a personal level, understand their needs and then customize solutions to cater to their demands. Leveraging our industry experience with the current market trends, we propel you to the rarified air where you belong.