Workplace Solutions

The employee experience (EX) directly impacts recruitment and retention. “We define employee experience simply as seeing the world through the eyes of our employees, staying connected and being aware of their major milestones,” said Susan Peters, senior vice president of HR at General Electric. Although there’s no magic app that can solve this challenge, workplace solutions and technologies do play an important role. Here’s a look at a few of the most transformative solutions offered by iRarity.

  • Measure Employee Performance
  • Enhance Collaboration
  • Connect Digital
  • Scorecard and Dashboards
Empowers Employees

Attract, retain, and engage a new generation of employees to drive your organization forward. Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation in your workplace that engages employees, enables productivity across devices, and improves discoverability of information and people. Evaluate your current environment. Envision a roadmap for your digital workplace and implement the solutions that get you there. We can help you to get the right solution to your current and future needs.

Digital Workforce

The technology is a two-way street, empowering employees to be more productive while also providing workplace managers with the real-time data they need to make adjustments and plan for the future. For instance, workplace managers can see which rooms are in use on any given day so they can adjust cleaning schedules and respond to service requests accordingly. Discover our innovative workplace solutions and how iRarity can help you to empower employees.