Securing your property through video streaming and surveillance-iSeeNowLive

Key challenges and how video streaming can help surveillance Indian surveillance market is growing 20-25% and its to reach 20,000 crores in FY2020 as per the reports. Growing trends in CCTV and its clips circulating on WhatsApp is going undocumented. Though its helping to nail the criminals and bring them to justice, […]

Approach on building the notification

Context: For our product we had an requirement to send notification to the person who has raised a Streaming request once the request has been acknowledged and accepted. Now the problem is we don’t want to bother the requestor with too much information. He need to just know the […]

Why & How – iSeeNowLive?

Why we are building this product iSeeNowLive ? When our co-founders discussed on potential product ideas. This problem came up from one of the co-founder that he is struggling to solve a property issue at Bengaluru where in he was residing in Florida, USA. The problem with the property is […]

iSeeNowLive – We are launching!!

Hello Everyone, We are launching! We are finally here. All good things must come to a being and progress continuously….. and be replaced with something way better! We are launching one of our product websites today, 28th Oct, 2020. You can now find us at iSeeNowLive is a video streaming […]