iSeeNowLive is video streaming platform which is brainchild of iRarity Team. This platform would be helping many to save money and get video streamed when they are not present contributing to sustainability. It also helps to grow the ecosystem of photographers to make livelihood with the high end camera enabled smart phones to earnĀ  money within their region.

Why ?

  • To capture key moments when you are not present at the event
  • Solution to save $$ where live stream could avoiding travel for short time
  • Revisiting an live stream and playing it back on demand
  • Privacy of the video stream request and fulfillment
  • Tag, search and key live streams without the clutter of Social media
  • Stream only with in the members of your family or people you determine


  • Stream on demand
  • Get to live stream from any part of the world without your presence
  • Playback the streamed video at any point of time later
  • Earn money by help streaming for other using your mobile device and video capturing skills
  • Deployed on secure and scalable AWS infrastructure
  • Edge caching for faster delivery of videos
  • Mobile application to request and playback which runs on Android and iOS