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Securing your property through video streaming and surveillance-iSeeNowLive

Key challenges and how video streaming can help surveillance

Indian surveillance market is growing 20-25% and its to reach 20,000 crores in FY2020 as per the reports. Growing trends in CCTV and its clips circulating on WhatsApp is going undocumented. Though its helping to nail the criminals and bring them to justice, its also questions the privacy.

Property owners need very appropriate surveillance mechanisms for the following reasons:
a. Keep track of the state of the property – Find any potential damages.
b. To understand the situation or environment around the property.
c. Understand any misconducts in the vicinity of the property.
d. Identify any potential theft and vandalism.
e. Identify the state of assets which are part of the property (Plants, Trees, Parked Vehicles, etc.,).
f. Any potential encroachments.

What are the scenarios when surveillance is needed ?
a. Going abroad for long stay.
b. Moving to foreign to visit children’s.
c. Moving to a different city or residence due to work.
d. Have to relocate to another property due to various reasons.

What are the options we have ?
a. Physical Security – Manual security 24 x 7 is a costly affair.
b. CCTV Camera with connectivity – Would be suitable for permanent needs, but costly for short span of usage.
c. Following up with Neighbors/Friends/Network – Availability and frequency could be an issue.

What could be the ideal solution?
If somebody can take the video stream on demand based on authorization of the property owner and laws of the land. This should not compromise the privacy aspects of any individual involved.

iSeeNowLive app provides such solution wherein owner can make a request. The request is fulfilled by another person who is part of the iSeeNowLive app community. These persons perform these video streaming tasks for a small fee. This fee is collected from the requester and service charges is paid to the iSeeNowLive platform for enabling video streaming service.

The platform allows to geotag the location from which the stream is obtained for validation. Also it helps to playback the video on demand making it easier for viewing it later.



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