Identity and Access Management

Integrating a self service portal with IAM

With enterprises going cloud with public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios, its important the self-service portal is established well across these infrastructure.

Why do we need self service portal in Enterprises ?

  • Reduce need for human intervention
  • Reduces the overall lead time in serving the end users
  • Helps to maintain privacy
  • Enhances the workflows
  • Improves visibility across the organisation on on-boarding
  • It also helps to avoid intermediary agents in updating personal data
  • Helps to maintain update personalized data by individuals

What are the different components which can be self-serviced ?

  • Password Reset
  • Profile Update
  • MFA Device update (Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Update on the email and communication information
  • Access Requests

Key challenges in integrating the IAM with the self service portal.

Not all the IAM comes with the self service portal and there could be lot of challenges in integrating the self services portals with IAM. Some of them are outlined here:

  • Customized logo and branding
  • Different enterprise application
  • Keep essential information under check
  • Maintaining privacy aspects
  • Policy driven access rights

iRarity team built a Self-service portal to manage and govern self service management of identity across the enterprise which seamlessly integrates with a Identity management product which is global leader.

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