Segregation of Duties(SOD) and its importance

Every system in the network are prone to cyber attacks. The primary guidelines for protecting them are controlling access to systems. For ensuring effective access controls, segregation of duties or separation of duties(SoD) or toxic combinations is important. The primary objective of the SoD implementation is to prevent fraud and […]

Leveraging campaign filters for Access Certification in IdentityNow

Campaign filters help to filter out the identities which needs to be part of the review process. It helps to keep the reviewers to have the right amount of identities to be reviewed for the appropriate level of entitlements. Campaign filters can be built to filter the identities either based […]

Certifications for better Identity and Access Governance

In any organization the management is always worried about whether the users are only entitled to what they are supposed to have access to. Despite this the concerns go into long list which might be varying depending upon the organization to organization. If you give people the means to hurt […]

Role of Virtual Appliance in Sailpoint Identity Now

Virtual Appliance (VA) – A typical Sailpoint Managed Linux Container custom built, immutable appliance which can act as Gateway between client sources, Sailpoint, container and security patch repository, IdentityNow Microservice Infrastructure. This appliance is built based on FlatCar Container Linux which was derived from CoreOS .  The community linux distribution is […]

Securing your property through video streaming and surveillance-iSeeNowLive

Key challenges and how video streaming can help surveillance Indian surveillance market is growing 20-25% and its to reach 20,000 crores in FY2020 as per the reports. Growing trends in CCTV and its clips circulating on WhatsApp is going undocumented. Though its helping to nail the criminals and bring them to justice, […]

Approach on building the notification

Context: For our product we had an requirement to send notification to the person who has raised a Streaming request once the request has been acknowledged and accepted. Now the problem is we don’t want to bother the requestor with too much information. He need to just know the […]

Integrating a self service portal with IAM

With enterprises going cloud with public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios, its important the self-service portal is established well across these infrastructure. Why do we need self service portal in Enterprises ? Reduce need for human intervention Reduces the overall lead time in serving the end users Helps to maintain […]

Digital Learning: Evolving Trends in 2018

Yet today, at the beginning of 2018, the burden of learning the plethora of technologies and trends stands tall with students and professionals. The volume of choices with respect to the type of content adds further to the difficulty. There also technology comes to rescue in the form of Search, […]