Web Analyzer

Web Analyzer

Are you looking for an integrated Web Analyzer tool to analyze traffic, web/app server logs and web content/page? iRarity Web Analyzer can help you to achieve the end to end optimization.

Traffic Analyzer and Optimization

How to provide best user experience with visual and storytelling model? Do you find an issue with the heavy media files and size issues? We are here to help you to monitor the traffic to find the slow loading resources and optimize the website. iRarity Digital Apps team can help you to host the web content and assets in the right set of servers, enable caching, configure CDN, monitor traffic, tune the server configuration

Server log Analyzer and Optimization

Does your IT team periodically review and report the performance issues? We can help change the approach from reactive to proactive by placing the right set of tools, process and training.

On-Page optimization

Does your website poorly ranking and users are struggling to find the relevant content? How about enterprise search for the internal web assets and content? Do you know the users spend 19% of their valuable work hours just to find the right content and the right time? iRarity SEO experts can help you to increase the Google SERP ranking, enable federated search across the enterprise.