Video Streaming Platform

In this Digital age, continuous learning is vital in keeping us smart every day and supporting tasks on-demand. Macro learning, less than 10 minutes content or videos, and podcasts helps the employees or students to acquire the required knowledge quickly and effectively. Microlearning is our daily workout to help us stay on top of daily insights. The challenge is finding good content, and finding the time to consume it. The average worker spends 19% of their week looking for information, and only 24 minutes a week learning. iRarity provides an end to end product and solution to enable your enterprise or university to achieve the full potential of the collaboration and knowledge sharing via the way the users wanted. You have the full visibility of track, optimize and enhance the experience at real-time.

Product features
  • On Demand Streaming of Video Content based on user’s profile and interest
  • Administrative interface to manage content and video assets
  • AWS Deployment for performance & auto-scaling
  • Payment Gateway Integration and Automated Transaction Process
  • Mobile Apps and on-demand access
  • Anywhere anytime Learn
  • Audit tracking and logging of access
  • oAuth Secure Authentication for portal
  • Edge Caching for faster delivery of videos

Blog: Digital Learning Trends