Mobile Apps

Any Locker

A simple, secure way to store your life’s metadata, on your phone….

1. Your data is passcode protected and stored encrypted on your device.

2. Simple templates for easy categorization and fast search.

3. Store UNLIMITED notes, photos and anything else you want to secure, and yet be able to access at a moment’s notice.


1. Capture the moments that matter – your first love, your first marathon, your first dance. Snap em up, and put a My 1st seal on them.

2. Compile all of ‘Your Firsts’ into an animation, share it and revel in what has been, while looking forward to what is yet to be.

3. Motivate yourself and your friends, to do something for the 1st time, every day.

4. Live your life, have new experiences, and upend your friends with an ever increasing tally of My 1st badges.


2 Minutes. 6 Emotions. 8 Rows. Go… Tap away, and slot those emotions in, to win it all.